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photographer Zuzana Breznanikova

photographer Zuzana Breznanikova

Craig McGinley

Scottish Rugby Player moves to acting and producing.

Mcginlay has a well rounded background in fitness and sports performance graduating with a Masters Degree in Sports Physiology. As Mcginlay transitioned from playing Rugby to acting he relocated to London where he was introduced to Erin and Michael Blevins while they prepped Henry Cavill for Justice League. Craig was interesting in the training and nutrition side of their work. While in London Craig trained along side Erin and Michael Blevins. Erin helped Craig with nutrition guidance during his brief preparation while getting ready for his up and coming role in the Bollywood film, Shamshera.

Craig is known for his work on Outlander, King Author, Knight Fall, Shamshera, Tellurium, and as “The Captain.”

pro mma fighter: josh Tyler

Blevins has assisted Josh Tyler with nutrition implementation in conjunction with training, teaching how food can assist recovery and sports preformance.

Josh has an extensive professional career as a Pro MMA Fighter and fitness enthusiast ranging from (but not limited to):

20+ years of Folkstyle Wrestling, 10+ years Mixed Martial Arts, 4 years NCAA Division I Collegiate Wrestling (Old Dominion University), Golden Gloves State Champion 168lbs, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Brown Belt, Gladiator Fight Club 145lb &155lb Champion, Sugarcreek Showdown 145lb Champion and Bellator Veteran.

Josh has also ventured into strength and conditioning even making a few appearances in Erin’s CrossFit qualifier videos as a pace keeper.

Check out Josh Tyler’s current project: Savage Gentlemen or follow him on Instagram @joshtylermma



Atlanta Braves team development

Erin Blevins supported 2018 Atlanta Braves Leadership Training Program. Erin was head chef and nutrition specialist providing human preformance subject matter and expertise while fueling and aiding in recovery nutrition for players participating in the extensive field program.

Henry Cavill on dc’s justice league

DC’s Blockbuster film Justice League.

Erin’s skill as a personal chef and nutritional ninja have been used at the highest level, including the transformation of actor, Henry Cavill into Superman for the blockbuster film: Justice League.

Erin fueled Cavill’s intensive training in London during pre production, filming and post production of DC’s Justice League. This included cooking on and off set preparing and calculating tasteful balanced meals daily to keep the actor energized and recovered through training. Later Blevins facilitated Henry’s “cut” phase and refeed, preparing him for suit fitting and finally, filming.

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The Superman Diet: How to Eat Like Henry Cavill

By Sean Hyson, C.S.C.S.


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Tiana Smith

Singer and songwriter Tiana Smith graduated from Berklee College of Music. The Talented songwriter has continued to record and write her powerfully inspiring lyrics as she moves into business development. Tiana helps others build their business as she raises two small children in California.

Tiana reached out to Erin Blevins when she found herself wanting to change the composition of her body. Blevins worked with Tiana for over a year inside and out of the gym designing training protocols that worked with Tiana’s busy lifestyle. Blevins showed Tiana how food can not only be enjoyable and easy to prepare but also supportive of her goals towards a leaner physique. Blevins helped Tiana in her incredible transformation dropping weight, feeling capable, knowledgeable and more confident.

Tiana continues to work with Blevins as she maintains her goals and continues to push her physical and mental limits.

Kenton Worthington

Michael and Erin Blevins have worked as a team with Kenton over the past year, injury proofing, restoring a healthy balanced diet that supports his activity level, and managing nutrition while traveling. Erin and Michael have helped Kenton stay focused on training and diet while touring through Europe and South America during Kenton’s speaking engagements and business development projects. Erin Blevins is currently private chef to Kenton, creating meals that keep up with his well traveled palate and adventurous lifestyle.